Fitness Center London

Elena Martynova,

Director and founder of Next Door Fitness Business Directory

MSc International Marketing, Bachelor Sociology and Psychology, CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management.  

The idea to create a business directory that was specialised for fitness hit me when I was trying to explain to a friend why I was spending almost every day at the gym recently, how I did it without having to force myself. The secret, as they often are, was really very simple, I just love it! Exercising always makes me feel happy, and it’s a nice bonus that it also helps me feel fit and healthy.

As we all know, exercising releases the ‘happy chemical’ – dopamine – into our brains. For me though, exercising released a business idea: create an online platform to connect people who are looking for their specific preferred type of physical activities with their perfect fitness professionals. Finding the right trainer or class nearby can be a challenge, and I believe this obstacle should not stand in the way. Instead I believe that connecting people can make everyone happy, so I decided to state it as the business mission.  

After more than 17 years working in marketing I found something very exciting to apply my great range of skills, knowledge and experience. I hope to help people find their way to the amazing world of fitness while also helping fitness professionals and small fitness and wellbeing businesses to grow and thrive!