My mission is to supply you with the best quality fitness and exercise equipment available. We're a small team of dedicated fitness enthusiasts and our sole aim is to bring you in touch with the equipment you want - if there's anything at all that you don't see on this website, then please contact me personally on I will respond to every email! I've been in the industry for several years and have had my fair share of bad advice and epic fails, so if you have a particular need or requirement, even if it may seem a little odd, or even just to natter about some new "trend", then drop me a line. We're a small, local company, so you may not see all the products we sell to start with, but please do get in touch with any product ideas you'd like to see or buy and we will look at including every one of them! I decided to start this business because I was unhappy with the level of advice, lack of knowledge and the general lack of local access to great products that I know are available. We aim to source the very best fitness, exercise and gym equipment for crossfit, functional fitness, bootcamp and general strength training, whilst at the same time, giving excellent, impartial advice. So many of the chain stores (one that sounds like a mythological Greek giant springs to mind) just sell endless amounts of fitness gear, with no real knowledge of what they're selling and really poor, generic advice. Then, when anyone asks a genuine question, the store-persons face glazes over as if to say "I just work here, I have no interest, why did you pick me?!". Anyway, I hope you find everything you're looking for and please keep coming back to see what other products are being added on a regular basis. Thanks again for choosing Gym74. All the best, Alex and all at the Gym74 team