The Best Gyms In Manchester

Summer has come to Manchester anyway. In the meantime, we’ve provided this list of our favourite gyms in Manchester!

Whether you’re working to get swimsuit ready or starting to get in shape for the multitude of summer sports and events coming up, this city is a great place to be doing it. 

We have absolutely no shortage of gyms, studios, and fitness centres in every neighbourhood so you can take your pick (and definitely check out our directory to find what’s close to you).

Best Value

Best Value Gym Manchester

For a well-equipped gym that will cover all your basic athletic needs without breaking the bank, we recommend The Gym. The Manchester Great Portland Street branch is offering membership for just £13.99 per month making it the best low-cost option we could find. This membership will get you 24-hour access to the gym and free access to over forty classes run at the location. Also, for £5 more per month you can skip the joining fee and amp up your membership with multiple gym access, personal fitness checks, and the ability to bring a friend to train for free – if you’re looking for an inexpensive but quality gym there’s nothing better! Find them here. 

Women’s-only: Siren Asylum

Women’s-only gym Manchester

Ladies our prayers have been answered. If you want to work out here in the Manchester area but are worried that your local gym might be a bit too dudely you need to check out Siren Asylum – a studio that understands that an uncomfortable gym environment can be super distracting and disheartening. This independent Manchester blessing is a women’s-only body-positive fitness studio. Here women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and fitness levels are welcome to come break a sweat and get stronger. In addition to weights and circuits, dance and yoga, the studio offers a range of tempting aerial and pole fitness classes in conjunction with Polefire Manchester. The classes are run for groups but they also run 1-2-1 training for individuals or private groups so you can choose exactly what you’re comfortable with.

Best of Manchester Gyms: Form and Function

If you want to get fit in style, Manchester is really the city to do it. So many of our gyms combine brilliant training expertise with cool, functional studios and great music that bring out the city’s alternative nature. Here’s our top choices for Manchester fitness centres:

gym and juice manchesterGym and Juice is an independent Manchester gym that’s as serious as it is stylish.  They offer HIIT, booty building, full-body resistance, and yoga classes in a beautiful but functional studio situated right in Oldham Street. Classes are on the smaller side, so you get lots of instructor interaction but you can also book one-on-one personal training with their three in-house trainers. And of course, there is also some pretty great juice.



v1befitness ManchesterDale Street’s V1BE Manchester is another atmospheric gym with an interesting concept: ‘High-intensity heart-rate monitored interval training that gives you an effective workout every single time.’ It’s an ambitious order – so how do they do it? At V1BE trainers issue ‘MYZONE’ heart rate monitoring belts in every class, giving all participants the most accurate energy readings on each and every workout. Their music is outstanding (in-house dj anyone?), so their hardcore 30-45 minute classes fly by.  Starting at £65 a month for longer-term memberships it’s not the cheapest gym in town – but you get what you pay for. Plus they have a current offer of 21 days for £21 for new members so if you’re vibing V1BE now is a great time to check them out. We love their soundtracks and their commitment to accuracy – being able to see the numbers after a workout is one of the best motivators out there!


Here’s a shout out to yet another fantastic Northern Quarter gym: KOR. If you haven’t checked out Manchester’s newest gym yet you absolutely should. KOR was founded by two experienced Manchester PTs who want to focus on high-intensity group classes. Their approach is simple: 2 studios, one dedicated to their HIIT workout ‘Resistance,’ the other for their original spin class ‘Revolution.’ Each week they run through a cycle of classes designed to hit every muscle group and burn extreme amounts of calories while you’re at it. Check them out at website and book a class at their Newton Street studios.

Personal Trainers in Manchester

Personal Trainers Manchester

For work with some of the best personal trainers in greater Manchester, we recommend the PT Factory. Ollie Lawrence and his team operate a private dedicated personal training gym out of Denton which gets serious results for individuals or small groups. Their custom training programme prices start at £300 for 8 sessions 2 times a week or £400 for 12 at 3 times a week. If that seems steep or you have friends interested in taking the personal training jump with you they also offer an Inch Loss programme (small group training) for just £100 per month – a fantastic deal for a really quality PT experience. Not sure? It’s all fully personalised so you can book a free 30-minute consultation here on their website to get a sense of what their programme would look like for you!

Form MCR is a great central Manchester gym and treatment centre dedicated solely to sustainable and reliable personal training. They offer one-to-one training as well as group training including private PT sessions, unique training programmes, nutrition plans, assessments, and access to loads of helpful educational and culinary content while you’re at it. We love their long-term approach to fitness and their realistic, focused approach to fitness lifestyles.

Specialised Gyms in Manchester 

 Fighting Fit Manchester

Leave behind any preconceptions you may have that martial arts are only for Bruce Lee wannabees and children. Fighting Fit Manchester is the city’s premier fitness centre focused on martial arts, powerlifting and strength and performance. They offer classes in Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, Kobudo, MMA and kickboxing, just to name a few. While they do offer children’s ‘cadet’ classes, they focus on adult classes that range from beginner to competitor level training for men and women looking to try out and excel in the discipline! These classes take a safe, serious, and seriously empowering approach to fitness that we honestly love. Find out more

TRAIN Manchester

No the best Manchester gyms guide would be complete without our favourite CrossFit gym. For an £80 membership (when you join for 12 months minimum) at TRAIN Manchester you get access to Cross-Fit classes in 2 different TRAIN locations, in Castlefield, and Heald Green. On top of open gym day access to some of the city’s coolest gyms, they’ve also expanded into some weightlifting and gymnastics classes for those who want to switch it up. Membership in TRAIN Manchester also beneficial by a discount card which gives exclusive discounts at local partners and free spots onto the workshops TRAIN Manchester organise (rowing, yoga, weightlifting and many more). If you’re looking for CrossFit and also a good deal in the city look no further! Join here at TRAIN Manchester. 


As the weather gets warmer there’s no better way to cool down and get a workout while you’re at it than an afternoon at the pool. With this in mind, we feel that the hands-down best pools in the city are located at the Manchester Aquatics Centre. Here, just £25.99 per month no contract gets you access to their 50m swimming pool, separate diving pool, sauna, and gyms, as well as a variety of aquatic fitness and Les Mills sessions run by experienced instructors. Need we remind anyone that swimming is one of the most effective low-impact workouts out there, not to mention a great way to destress. Check out their timetables and pricing at their website.

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