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Welcome to Next Door Fitness Business Directory!

Fitness Directory is your place to connect to new clients, business partners, find events and more.

We want to help you showcase and grow your passion about fitness and health to become an even more successful business.  

Our mission is very simple – to make people happy. If Next Door Fitness will help you with fitness business, join and let us get to work making you and your clients happy. Mission accomplished!

Next Door Fitness Advantages:

  • We’re new! The directory isn’t overcrowded with your competitors yet!
  • Free Listing. You can create your profile right now for free and after submit listings with your business description
  • We understand how difficult it is to stand out with your fitness business among many others, so we will be providing valuable marketing advice for you in our blog.
  • We offer a well organized and categorized listing so visitors can find you service quickly and easily.
  • You don’t have to provide your address, just write the post code or name of the area you work in mainly.
  • Any interesting offers you have on won’t be restricted to your own website and social media, here you can post offers and reach a wider audience – not just people who already follow you.
  • Enjoy a specialised directory where any user who visits is your potential client!  Next Door Fitness is only about fitness, wellbeing and health improvement.
  • If you want to be advertised on our home page Featured Positions you only need to pay £30 for 6 months. 

PS. We have just launched, so please be patient if something went wrong.

Keep an eye on social media, invite fitness professionals you know to create their free profile and let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve our website!