Hi my name is Ken Matthews, I run the Blackburn Krav Maga school which includes Darwen, Blackburn and the surrounding areas of Lancashire. Affiliated to KMF-AC Expert Alain Cohen in 2018.

Krav Maga is a self defence system which is used throughout the world and brought to the fore by the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and has been used by all the law enforcement agencies and numerous military forces throughout the world.

The KravMaga system is easy to learn and is adaptable to civilian tuition. You can learn Krav Maga in a much shorter time (less than a year) than other martial arts such as Judo, Karati, Kick or Thai boxing and Win Chun. It all depends on practising until you can automatically defend yourself without thinking. These other martial arts can take many years and then you would only be at mid belt level.

Blackburn Krav Maga is open to males and females as well as children. I instruct reality based self defence which requires no experience and can be taught to all ages and abilities.

Blackburn Krav Maga gives you passionate and inspiring coaching with real life scenarios. I teach situation/scenario training which enables you to build confidence and builds character. I teach pre – conflict training and bully and abductor training.

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