STOTT Pilates and Personal Training Specialist
Andrea is a STOTT PILATES® certified Instructor and level 4 Personal Trainer, having initially qualified as a personal trainer she went on to study for a level 4 qualification in Cancer rehabilitation. Andrea works closely with Physio’s at the Nuffield Health hospital in Brentwood and this spurred her on to qualify as a Pilates instructor.

“I am passionate about health and fitness, but truly believe that life is a balance of all good things and some treats too! I can help you find that balance.”

Andrea Doherty


Everything we do and experience in life has an impact on our bodies, whatever sports we played, jobs we have done, childbirth and illnesses. We will all have imbalances within the muscles that may or may not cause aches and pains. My Pilates and Fitness sessions are aimed at maintaining and improving fitness and mobility for life.

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