Due to investment and massively improved infrastructure, Boxfit have rebranded and we are now proud to call ourselves a health club.
As a small independent club we offer a completely different customer care package to those that larger chains can offer.

When you join us we won’t leave you on your own until you tell us you’re confident in what you’re doing and, more importantly, are achieving your gym goals. If that takes a number of one-on-one sessions with our gym instructors then that will happen – for no extra cost. It’s free personal training, although most larger chains do charge for this service. Also included in our unbelievable monthly value for money service are 6 weekly fitness programme updates & unlimited free classes.

New manager Deith Bridges brings with him a wealth of experience in running an independent health club having previously run a club of a similar size.

“The rebranding of the club is very simple. A lot of people think we’re a boxing gym and although we can still cater for that, the club has improved and enlarged so much over the years that we’re now proud to call ourselves a health club.

At Physique we believe you join a gym for a reason, and we’re going to do our best to keep you motivated all year round, not just during your initial join-up period. We’re also going to offer an optional tracking system in which we will phone you and offer free re-motivational sessions to give you a kick start when it’s needed.

If you’re one of those people who are nervous about taking that first step, then Physique is the place for you. We’re happy to provide a week’s free trial to convince you that we are the gym to help you achieve your goals.

“We aim to help people change their lives because we realise how daunting a gym environment can be for those who aren’t confident, and will be specialising in helping first-time gym users who are desperate to lose weight.

Age is no barrier as we have plans to run daily morning/afternoon sessions for those advancing in years who want gentle exercise followed by tea or coffee in our chill out area. Unlike a lot of our competitors we have ample free parking to make your visit even more convenient.”

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