Functional Training
Exercise is not only about weight loss or building muscle mass – having stability and strength in your everyday routine is just as important. Our gyms offer functional training equipment that focuses on movements such as rotating, carrying, and gait patterns (walking and running) that we utilise every day. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, functional training is vital in your exercise routine to live a long, healthy life.

MYFIT 24/7 Workouts
High intensity workouts are taking the fitness world by storm because they produce serious results. MYFIT workouts are 18 minutes total, with 90 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest. Featuring a unique combination of 9 exercise movements that change daily, you’ll improve your cardio threshold, strength, mobility and agility! Each MYFIT workout contains a variety of functional, cardio and strength movements and is synced with heart rate training, so that you’ll always know what zone you should be in. Workout on your schedule, 24/7. Ready…Set…Get MYFIT. Workouts posted daily!

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