Faultless Fitness are the leading sports and exercise science experts in Hereford. Our primary health goal is to take clients who have had surgery, physiotherapy or are suffering from disease, and return their quality of life and independence. Diabetes, Obesity/bariatrics and post-orthopaedic surgery and rehab are all example fields that we have had experience in when helping our clients return quality to their lives. Our primary sporting goal is to take clients who wish to compete at higher performance levels and provide them with a fully holistic season-long solution that guarantees peak performance on the competition days chosen. Triathlon, running, swimming, cycling and team sports are all areas of focus that our sports scientists have a history of working with and succeeding in. Our staff range from clinical and exercise physiologists, working with your doctors, surgeons and physios, to sports scientists and strength and conditioning practitioners, working with your sport specific coaches. If you are looking for help, we are the team you want to provide it.

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