Hi, I’m Christian.

I’m a personal trainer based in Tunbridge Wells.

I help growth-minded men & women, like you, build strength, feel more confident in your own skin.

For me training isn’t just about lifting heavier numbers in the gym to stroke your ego..

It’s about enabling you to feel strong & capable of doing the things you love most in life.

Whether that be competing in a sport, going on outdoor adventures, or simply getting down on the ground to play with your kids!

personal trainer in Tunbridge wells
What Can You Expect from Personal Training?

Personal training with me goes beyond just a 60-minute session. You can also expect:

-> Nutritional Guidance
-> Healthy Lifestyle Advice
-> Progress & Data Tracking
-> Mobility & Flexibility Drills
-> On-Going Support

I strive to provide a comprehensive coaching experience.

My focus is on helping you to not only achieve your health & fitness goals – whether that be muscle growth, weight loss, injury rehab, or anything else – but to also guide you on how to maintain your efforts long-term.

If you’re interested in personal training or private online coaching hit the button below!

Contact us:
07402 516958

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