The team at Barefoot Junkie firmly believes it is all about what you wear and how you wear it. This starts from the ground up. Our passion lies within the idea of living, looking and feeling good. We thrive off sporting and leisure activities whether urban or rural; yet still enjoy indulging in the vibrant lifestyle of the city, where style is of the essence.

Whether working out or running, surfing or kayaking, we are always on the move, but yet we could never find a shoe to meet our dynamic lifestyles. We first discovered Vibram Fivefingers back in 2006 and were amazed at what we had found. Fivefingers offered everything from the perfect fit and feel to the perfect look and style.

After living and breathing the Barefoot phenomenon for over five years we discovered barefoot is best because it’s the way nature intended us to move. In 2011 we decided to create a website solely for barefoot enthusiasts. We have teamed up with some of the leading brands in the marketplace to offer Europe’s most comprehensive range of barefoot running footwear.

So whatever you do, do it barefoot, the way it was meant to be, the Barefoot Junkie way!

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