As a footballer, Esther transfers the principles she has applied as an athlete to training clients. Using her expertise in weight management, movement and Strength & Conditioning, she aims to empower clients to reach their health and fitness goals. Esther has worked with a wide range of clients from the BBC and Nubian Skin, to business people, nurses and young people looking to lose weight. Her experience with a varied client base has given her a unique approach to designing bespoke training plans, catering to all fitness levels.

Training is approached with an emphasis on attention to detail. Using feedback from both the initial consultation and functional assessment, a training plan will be designed to meet your needs and specific goals. A summary of the areas Esther caters for include fat loss, strength and conditioning, muscle building (hypertrophy) and flexibility training.

Her mission is to increase longevity and enhance the long term development of clients holistic health by providing effective training programs and nutritional advice. Esther aims to empower every client with the tools to lead and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

We are committed to pursuing our continuing education to remain up to date with the ever evolving sports and fitness industry.

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