Limited Edition Activewear – Just As Unique As You Are. Activewear that moves with you and fits like a second skin… Perfect for gym addicts & yoga bunnies! We’re a brand new fashion sportswear brand that designs and sells gym and yoga leggings to make you look fabulous. We are two friends (a fashion journalist and a personal trainer), who were bored with all of those black workout clothes out there and we were desperate to inject some colour into girls’ lives everywhere!

We were also finding that cheap leggings would only last about five seconds but buying the higher priced leggings seems like a bit of a rip-off. And whatever price you pay, there is always the risk of them being a little bit see-through, which isn’t idea when you’re doing squats!So we decided to take matters into our own hands and launch our own collection. and we searched high and low and found the best fabrics and designs.

We tried and tested the leggings for a few months for durability, comfort, colourfast and everything in between (yes we did the squat test too)!

We started selling a limited amount in the gyms to get the girls to properly road test them for us and it proved a success, they were always asking when there would be new designs to choose from! Then the idea was born to create a website and take the business to the next level. The workout leggings fit like a second skin, but aren’t see through. No matter how much of a sweat you’re working up, they feel comfortable. Washing them a few times a week at 40 degrees they don’t lose their shape or colour AND there is no sign of wear and tear.

We were sold, we’d find the right fabric! Now we were ready to shout about it and spread the love on a major scale..

The only thing we’re keeping small is the number of leggings in each collection. We really want there to be a limited edition feel about the designs, so we’re limiting how many we have per style. So when they’re gone, they really are gone…

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