After many years of providing catering on tour for various music artists, our food evolved to produce healthier balanced meals to support artists health issues, dietary requirements and for general well being.

With our knowledge and experience we decided to move into our new exciting venture, by providing healthy balanced nutritious food that is colourful, clean, vibrant and most of all incredibly tasty.

To ensure our food meets all client’s requirements we have teamed up a fully qualified Sports Nutritionist who can tailor food plans for all of your needs.

With our colour coded system which is tailored to help meet specific fitness goals, choosing healthy food has never been easier and more accessible.

Our Plant Based Executive Chef pushes the boundaries in order to create delicious vegan recipes.

At Fitology Kitchen we are always mindful of the environment, our aim is to use environmentally friendly packaging where ever possible. Our London courier service is carried out by a bicycle service & we are always looking at ways to cut down our carbon footprint.

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