S&C coach, Kickboxing specialist, nutrition advisor, daily productivity expert, writer

I have always been attracted to martial arts and specifically to kickboxing which requires stamina, speed, strength, flexibility, rapid reflexes, emotional control and commitment to reach a target.
After many years of training I gained my kick boxing black belt and have competed and won titles at National and European levels.

My approach to personal training is based on my background as a fighter and my understanding of the human body gained from my Sport Science Degree and extensive working with many clients covering both a Biomechanics and a Psychology perspective.

During my 20 years long career I have created a method made of holistic cross-training techniques which has proven highly successful with my clients who aim to develop and maintain a lean, flexible and strong body and maintain for the long time.

Wherever the goal is losing body fat, improving your flexibility and posture, increasing lean muscle mass, getting stronger, having more stamina for a specific sport, improving your quality sleep and having more energy during the day, I will be happy to help you reach that goal.

I’m currently working with extremely pleasing results with city professionals, CEO’s, models, singers, producers and actors for Warner Bros. & Sony movies. Due to the latter I’ve been featured on national tv and in newspapers/magazines.

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