Welcome to London Fields Fitness Studio (Est.2010), founded by fitness superstar Sapan Sehgal. His philosophy for the studio is to provide fun and affordable fitness for the community, so that even if you’ve lost your job or eaten a little too much Deliveroo this month, you can still squeeze a workout into the budget without breaking the bank! Because #Science, we know that regular exercise is crucial to maintaining good physical and even mental health, so it’s our job to make it as enjoyable and accessible as possible for everyone, from Auntie May who’s a little on the heavy side to Nephew Billie who’s at college, living on pot noodles.

After years working in commercial central London gyms, Sapan wanted to create the anti-gym; a fun and friendly space, full of laughs and good times, that anyone and everyone would feel welcome in- less machines, less mirrors. We pride ourselves on leaving our fitfam with a warm and fuzzy feeling after class, and super sore muscles the next day! We love developing new and exciting classes and innovations that are unique to the studio e.g. Booty Camp, YogaHIIT, Lovercise and HulaFit. We are big believers in body-weight based exercises and work hard to encourage originality and creativity amongst our instructors within that framework.

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