Mindful Bites’ Path to Mindful Snacking:

1. Snack with intention!
Are you hungry? Asking ourselves this simple question will slow us down and potentially prevent us from falling into auto-eating, grazing and eating mindlessly. By staying present in the moment, you can reconnect with your physical cues and hunger signals and eat with intention to satisfy your hunger.

2. Snack with attention!
What are you eating? Pausing to reflect on the food we are eating will enhance awareness of how food interacts with our body, whether it is nutrition-dense and able to satisfy our requirements. Bringing awareness to the process of eating puts us into control and opens up choices of what to eat, how much of it to have, when to stop.

3. Snack with gratitude!
What benefits are you deriving from the food you are eating? Appreciation for the foods we are eating creates a strong connection with food. Whether food is boosting our vitality, strengthening our defence system, sustaining our detoxifing process or generating pleasure, feeling grateful for what our food is giving us will enable us to rekindle our relationship with food.

4. Snack with pleasure!
Are you savouring your food? We believe that the ultimate goal is to achieve freedom from food obsession and the joylessness of any rigorous restrictive dietary regime. Recognising the pleasure provided by food and adopting a non-judgemental approach will unleashing the passion, creativity and sensorial experience of eating.

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