A ‘one size fits all’ approach just doesn’t work with fitness, sports performance, or chronic injury rehab. Co we make sure that you have the best chance of reaching your unique potential. That is why we will tailor a training or recovery programme just for you.

At Oitoo, our point of difference is that we help you combine a balanced lifestyle with a detailed, scientific plan to achieve your fitness goals.
We start with free consultation where we will chat about your current fitness, any injuries or issues you have, and then your overall goals. We will analyse the big picture while fully assessing your muscle function and biomechanics, and your body composition.

The next stage is optimisation focuses on addressing any muscle imbalances and we will improve your biomechanics if necessary. It’s here that we build your body’s foundations and you can expect pain relief, more mobility, strength gains, and better performance. After we start traning – the ultimate exercise experience.
We will use all of our knowledge in training science, biomechanics and nutrition planning to help you achieve your fitness, injury rehab or athletic performance goals with injury-free sustainable results.

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