I was in my 2nd year of University studying for a BSc Computing degree when I became interested in nutrition. I’d always played sport since I was a kid. At school I played sport every day of the week for a team, whether it was football, rugby, cricket, basketball, athletics or cross country. But I’d never been taught anything about food.

As I learned more about training, nutrition and what worked for me I got better at understanding how to achieve the results I wanted. I can quite easily add muscle, lose muscle without gaining fat or improve specific ares of my fitness for the various sports I play.

Over the years I’ve taken on quite a few challenges. I trained myself to a 39 minute 10 km time. Boxed for 3 years, having 2 white collar boxing bouts.
I spent 5 months training Muay Thai, boxing and fitness in Thailand. I learned how to overcome a fear of the water to complete an Ironman triathlon. Rode L’Etape De Tour (A stage of the Tour De France) and completed Ride 100 London (160km) in 4 hours 45 mins.

What I have leaned by now that the quick fix doesn’t work. Anyone can lose weight by just not eating. But that isn’t going to last.
To many people’s surprise, that I train a lot less than they think. But those training sessions have an intensity, focus and specific purpose. You get back what you put in. No thought, presence in the moment or specific focus = very little result.

How I work
You do not have to live at the gym to get results. But you do have to give 100% effort, have a plan and be smart about it. You can achieve a lot in a short time if everything done right.

I have developed a system which uses a unique and all-encompassing approach to ensure you achieve maximum results.

1-to-1 PT sessions or a body transformation program

10 x 45 min Sessions
Tailored Sessions
Effective & Specific
No Pressure

30 min consultation before you commit, bottle of water with every session, shake
shower facilities – towel, shower gel and shampoo provided,

Cash payment: 50% at session 1, 50% at session 6
7 min walk away from central Canary Wharf https://www.minimalfit.co.uk/pricing/

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