We hate big corporate gyms. There, it’s out there, we’ve said it. Peter Andre and Jordan clones wandering about, checking themselves out in the mirror, grunting Arnies hogging the weights, queues for machines and terrible music. Most people who sign up to a health club and pay monthly, hardly ever go as the gym fails to inspire or motivate them and it just becomes a monthly direct debit for ‘membership’.

That’s why we set up You Personal Training. That hour you give up to exercise, we want to make it as enjoyable as possible and our mission is to get you motivated. We understand that you want to feel comfortable when you are getting fit, so all our sessions are private one to one workouts.

Whether you come to our private studio in Crouch End or we come to you around North London, we supply all the equipment and will use latest techniques and proven methods. This means you get the most out of your workout and we get happy clients!

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