Zanga Zanga® dance fitness program was co-founded by two sisters and fitness enthusiasts Mona and Nora Ali in the United Kingdom, Luton, in 2014. The Zanga Zanga team has now expanded and includes a diversity of women from all backgrounds and ages.

Mona and Nora Ali noticed the lack of fitness classes that provided workout for women only in a safe and positive environment. Also, after the rise of Zumba dance workout, there was a lack of dance fitness classes incorporating specific Arab and African dances. Zanga Zanga® workout classes use a combination of dances from countries in the Middle East, as well as North and Central Africa, such as folkloric dances, line dances and afrobeats together with aerobic elements and body weight exercises like squats and lunges for a MAXIMUM result. The exercises includes slow and fast rhythms, aerobic dance elements as well as resistance training.

The name “Zanga Zanga” originates from the North African Arabic dialect which means ‘neighbourhood, neighbourhood’, aspiring for Zanga Zanga classes to be available in every city and neighborhood around the globe. Zanga Zanga® classes are usually an hour long and are taught by instructors licensed by Zanga Zanga fitness ltd.

What makes Zanga Zanga® even more unique is the fact that the classes are strictly women only and open to all backgrounds and dance/fitness levels. Zanga Zanga® routines also use music that contains drum beats and slightly electronical sounds, making them the only fitness program that is an alternative for Muslim women in the United Kingdom. Zanga Zanga® also hold annual fundraising events and work for community cohesion by organising events and classes for women only.

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