Our revolutionary style of training offers a high-intensity 45-minute full-body workout in a vibrant, no-pressure, party atmosphere. Our workouts are designed to fit perfectly into a busy routine to be the most efficient, effective workout around.

‘Bikes and Beats’ is what we live by, so the music you cycle to is an essential part of the journey. Our creative, passionate instructors all have amazing infectious energy, and this shines through their music.


LuvYoga (Monday)

Ashtanga yoga is often recognized as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. The practice oftentimes follows the same sequence and series of poses in a precise order. Concentrating more on the overall health which focuses on cardio because the movements can be done swiftly and has an amazing effect on the heart rate so its great for stress relief and burning fat. The class is led using a constant flow so we begin by increasing the heart rate then slow it down and repeat that throughout the practise.

LuvYoga Candlelight (Wednesday)

Candlelight Restorative Yoga: This class focuses on poses that promote relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation and a deep stretch … Indulge in the ultimate yoga experience combining soft music and candlelight to soothe the soul as you slowly glide through various yoga postures.

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