Elysium Edinburgh invites people from any background in fitness from complete beginners to advanced trainee.

If you are a newbie, we have the coaching team to assist you to reach where you like to be. And all included in your subscription. We know that not all is comfortable in the gym. And it’s OK NOT TO KNOW what you’re doing. However, in Elysium we are ready to provide you the tools you need to improve in the gym. Our objective is to inform people on how to exercise appropriately with the proper form and method with our highly exceptional team of personal coaches.

In Elysium we provide a wide variety of different classes that assist people to reach all of their own personal fitness objectives. Our most popular class, EDOX Crossfit, offer members a premium standard of crossfit training that serves the people of ALL FITNESS levels. Although our gym is well known for crossfit. Also we offer a range of classes.

Elysium Sweat: Is a special fitness class that is accorded to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is for anyone wanting to shed as much energy as possible and strengthen their fitness levels.

Elysium Shape: Is our FEMALE ONLY class made to help women from all fitness levels to upgrade their understanding of fitness training, enhance strength and confidence in the gym.

Elysium Size: Is for men wanting to gain muscle and learn how to lift weights correctly.

Elysium Strong: Is for anyone looking to get tougher, know more about powerlifting and enhance their athleticism.

Elysium is Edinburgh’s fast and upcoming gym with the objective of making a tight-knit community of people wanting to know more about physical and mental benefits of fitness.

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