I have over 13 years experience of training and education in sport & Exercise performance. I have been an expert personal trainer & Sport & Exercise Nutritional advisor for over 2 year now. During this time I have delivered over 1000 PREMIUM personal training sessions to people of all abilities in the Benton area of Newcastle Upon Tyne. I am passionate about delivering a PREMIUM service that is in line with YOUR goals, likes and dislikes. My area of expertise is teaching YOU how to exercise better so you can achieve the body or state of health you have always wanted! I also give you the best tools in nutrition so YOU can achieve maximum results!

It doesn’t matter where you are at now, anyone, anytime can start to make the change they want!

I started training when I was 16 years old. Since then my passion for building muscle and getting fit accelerated year by year! After school I started studying sports science and then furthered my studies completing a foundation degree in sports coaching. However at this point I became aware that I had lost site of what I really wanted to do!

I wanted to help people on a personal level! So I got a job and started a home study level 3 personal trainer qualification (The good ones aint cheap!). However things didn’t go the way I thought they would! I got sucked in, comfy in a well paid job. Which distracted me from my real passion! My course got put to one side! My health and fitness levels declined and my lifestyle was not good! I was stressed daily, smoked occasionally, drank weekly. I was a shadow of my former self!

Enough was enough! I saved up enough money and left my job to study and complete my course! But not just complete my course. I started reading books on health, true health! Learning about the farming industry and how much of an impact quality foods has on our vitality! I also wanted to advance myself in my training so I studied the work of Dr Kelly Starret and Paul Chek and learned a more functional way of exercising. Instead of my old way of training which was more a bodybuilding style!

I went on to study a Level 5 diploma in Sport & Exercise Nutrition which I can say with confidence has set me apart from the rest! I know how to fuel the body for YOUR goals, sports & Exercise performance.

Leaving my Job was the best thing I have done in my life! I changed my life! Escaped the stress and destructive habits and started on a path that I have always wanted to be on! But this is a long path! A life journey! And now I sit here writing this paragraph a year and half after I left my job creating this website in the hope to inspire others to get on a life journey of fitness & Vitality! Just like I did!

My business, this website is about creating a better life! No quick fix! No need to make drastic changes to your eating! I want to educate people to make sustainable lifestyle choices which are optimal for YOUR fitness & Vitality!

Feel inspired to make a change???

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