We are all aware of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is consistently drummed into us about fitness regimes, healthy diet recipes and what we need to cut out of our diets. Today, there is so much information around, it is difficult to pin point what is best for you as an individual.
Exercise should not be a daunting experience. Exercise is required as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, if we begin to dread it, then we are going to become resistant. Most of us find the idea of going to the gym boring. Weeks filled with monotonous workouts, repeating the same workout and using the same machines.
To keep exercise up, we need to find something fun. Something that surprises us each week, working and toning every muscle. We need a great fat burner, but also something that we can enjoy. Those that enjoy exercise, are usually those that exercise in group classes…like ours!
Group dance classes are a great way to get all the expert advice that you need, but in a fun and friendly environment. We welcome everyone at any ability, whether you have never danced before, or have been to a few classes over the years. Our classes are fun and easy to follow and are great to burn off those unwanted pounds.
Often, people can find a dance class just as daunting as the gym and dance studios a little intimidating. Most of us believe we can’t dance, or do not have any rhythm. The truth is, the fact you are off the sofa and moving, you are beating everyone else. The classes are broken down step by step, and you will be surprised how quickly you will improve.
We love to watch our clients confidence grow week by week with our classes. We have transformed those who had always shied away from the dance floor, to those who have the confidence to dance and move at any opportunity.
With our dance and fitness classes, we have known clients to loose 7lbs or more in a matter of weeks. They have found their fitness levels to increase dramatically, and not only that, they feel better and have much more energy. Clients look forward to classes each week, building relationships and making new friends. We even offer a private Facebook page, where you can discuss and meet fellow dancers inside or outside of the classes.
We are on hand every step of the way to help you reach your goals, but have fun and make friends at the same time.
So why not come along and give one of our classes a go. Whether you have never danced before or a handful a times, everybody is welcome.

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