Our slimming programs are designed to give you a better chance to lose weight and change to a healthier lifestyle. Professional weight loss services under doctor supervision.
National Slimming & Cosmetic Clinics is the largest private medically supervised weight loss group in the UK.

We’ve helped thousands to lose weight. We are proud to offer professional high quality services to all our patients. In all our clinics our patients success is what matters. We work hard to make sure you feel welcome, comfortable and give you the support you need to achieve your goal.

Medically supervised slimming means that from your first visit you will be appointed your own personal experienced practitioner who will discuss your weight concerns and design a personalised weight loss program to suit your lifestyle.

During the slimming program you will meet your doctor on a weekly basis for consultations, weigh-ins, examination and constant support.

National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinics offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to reduce the signs of ageing for women and men.

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