I’m Alex Hurter, Personal Trainer, Pilates teacher, Barre Instructor, HIIT Dictator and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist. I am also a real person. I love chocolate, bread, even a little vino and some days have to repress the urge to exclusively consume only the above​

I began my career in the fitness industry in my late twenties after years of successful but pretty unfulfilling sales management. One day I came to a realisation that throughout all the ups and downs in my life, the one constant was always fitness. It always cleared my head and made me feel fantastic whether I was running (enthusiastically but not very well!) or going to a class. So in 2014 I retrained and turned my passion into a career.

I created Love-Fit because it is hard to eat well and train all the time, anyone who says it’s easy is lying. It takes dedication, effort, determination and consistency to get fit, lose body fat, gain muscle tone and maintain it, so in order to be successful long term you need to enjoy the process and not take it all too seriously.

I am passionate about empowering my clients, teaching them that we aren’t striving for perfection (which sorry folks, doesn’t exist) but progress. You don’t want to spend your life tracking macros and obsessing about how many seconds you spent working out – just be consistent; eat a balanced, nourishing diet and exercise regularly and those two factors alone will up your fitness game and have you maintaining a healthy weight forever!

Whatever your goals; fat loss, strength, training for an event, getting in shape for a wedding or after a baby, whatever it is I am on hand to support you and help you to get you through the day to day struggle – and the struggle is real. I want to help you to unlock your potential, build your confidence and show you that getting fit can be fun and will not only make you look amazing but feel amazing and will improve every aspect of your life.

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