Led by founder Tom Hibbert, WHS has been delivering consistent results for clients since it’s inception nearly 10 years ago.
We are known not for just providing results but for empowering our clients to make a lifelong change.
“I started WHS because I found the commercial gym a highly inadequate place to produce the best for my clients.

Through semi-private personal training we are able to deliver all the benefits of personal training at an affordable cost to ensure that you achieve your goals.

I guarantee my team and facility will be able to give you a bigger return on the investment you make in your health than if you were to go it alone.”
TOM HIBBERT We pride ourselves on never wasting an opportunity to make progress on your goals.

If you have an injury, tightness ,or other factor impacting your training…We are highly unlikely to advise you to just not train and ‘rest’.

We will use our knowledge, techniques and the world class tools at our disposal to keep you moving forward.

We live for marginal gains and strive for improvement totalling at least 1% every week.

Our coaching staff attend 4 hours of in house education a week and we regularly host professional development seminars with leading experts.

We have invested in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, frequency specific microcurrent, and red light therapy all to deliver better results for our clients.

We firmly believe that everyone’s training should be individualised. No one size fits all.

Our training environment is the best equipped on the south coast, if not the UK, and allows us to individualise every training program we provide.

Following a full assessment process we will design a training program uniquely tailored to your individual goals.

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