Primal Nature aims to help people Eat, Move and Live the way nature intended. Drawing on the principles of ancestral health and lifestyle we hope to help people lose weight, get healthy and live life to the fullest.

During our evolution, natural selection has led us to be the top of the food chain but recently our health has started to decline from a naturally strong hunter-gatherer to a population struggling with obesity, diabetes and chronic disease patterns that are slowly killing us.

By looking back at how our ancestors lived and thrived, we can come to a lifestyle template that turns the mainstream advice on its head, removing modern processed foods, eating real food from good sources and getting as close to how we used to live, but still remembering that it is the modern world and enjoying some of the luxuries that it brings.

I hope to give you inspiration and guidance in this ever-growing community and take an open-minded attitude to individual needs and opinions. I appreciate that there is not a one size fits all approach to anything in life, but I do believe that we can all agree that starting on a basis of “eat real food” is the fundamental starting block from any approach to health.

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