At Pride Performance we are dedicated to Olympic weightlifting and strength sports. Pride was founded with the aim of offering to others, what wasn’t available to us when we began lifting – a home to lift for everybody whether a child, a complete beginner or a competitive athlete. It is important to us at Pride that we do not give clients the answers but educate them in order for their growth in knowledge as well as physically.

Health includes a range of physical and mental conditions such as fitness, weight loss and well-being. No matter what your goal in life; weight loss, athletic performance or improved mental wellbeing; health is at the centre. At Pride, weightlifting and strength sports are our health, our expertise and the centre of our doing.

Wanting to lose weight? Olympic weightlifting offers fat loss, muscle gain and in turn a change of body composition and the visual ‘toned look’ which is sought after. You want to get better at CrossFit? You need to get better at Olympic weightlifting. You want to improve athletic performance? Olympic Weightlifting improves power, strength and speed. You want to improve strongman? Olympic Weightlifting, specifically the triple extension, translates into many strongman events such as the stones and log as well as increasing your speed for moving events. This is why we coach such a diverse range of clients from beginners to competitive athletes in a number of different sports. This is why we continually achieve the results you’re aiming for.

We designed our facility on maximizing the space we have to offer as much lifting area as possible and to continually develop and reinvest in our facility. Alongside the large range of equipment specific to Olympic Weightlifting and strength sports, both founders (Heather and Andy) follow Pride’s methodologies to create a consistent system which will achieve results with you.

As well as being experts in the gym, Andy is a primary school and PE teacher with Heather being highly qualified in early childhood, therapeutic skills and special need. Using our own experience of struggling to juggle training and childcare, and them wanting to train alongside us, and our range of qualifications, Pride are dedicated to offering coaching and classes for children aged 6 up.

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