To accommodate your busy lifestyle we introduced 24-hour access so whether you’re a night owl, early bird or someone that loves working up a sweat during their lunch break, our doors are open round the clock – and monitored remotely for your safety too! We have over 30 pieces of equipment set in spacious surroundings to help you reach maximum potential. We also have cardio classics like cross trainers, treadmills and rowers to bring colour to your cheeks.

Personal training from 2 of Wiltshire’s best personal trainers, Jon & Martin – here to give you any help and support you need whether you want personal training or training advice or even if you are just a regular gymgoer.

Struggling finding what to eat? We’re here to help you with tailored nutrition plans, advice on what to eat when and even give you a full diet plan to collate with a training plan. We also sell protein and supplements and can give you any general advice you need.

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