How to Exercise When You’re Too Busy or Tired?

Whether you’re someone with a job that keeps you busy from 9 to 5, a stay-at-home parent saddled
with responsibilities like diaper changes, and cleaning baby bottles, a student with a routine that
keeps your head busy in a textbook, or just someone with an incredibly packed daily routine, finding
time to squeeze a workout into your already busy schedule can sometimes feel near impossible.

However, this article will outline some helpful ways you can easily incorporate exercise into your
daily routine without it impacting your current daily routine!

Converting your commute

For those of you required to leave your homes for your work, whether that be to an office, a work-
share space, or a school, a good way to fit some exercise into your day is by looking at your
commute and seeing if there’s any part that you could convert into a form of exercise.
Cycling into your workplace is a great way to get some daily physical activity in, without altering your
routine too heavily. You can also do a portion of your commute by walking instead of taking public
transport. For those of you who go to the office, you can check if your workplace offers a cycle-to-
work scheme and take advantage of that benefit.

When you’re in a country like England, bad and unexpected weather often makes commutes even
harder, and you can be left with no choice but to take public transport. But as long as you’re moving,
you are exercising so making small swaps like taking the stairs instead of the elevators or escalators is
another way of daily physical activity to your routine.

Increasing your mobility in small ways

Research shows that daily activity can positively impact your mental health. Having some form of
physical activity in your routine can help alleviate the all-too-common feelings of stress, burnout,
and anxiety.
Now, daily activity doesn’t mean you need to have a sweaty, high intensity one-hour workout
routine for the gym that leaves you feeling worn out and tired. All it means is increasing your
mobility throughout the day in a way that you find enjoyable. This can look different for every

If you’re a new parent with limited time in your schedule, squeeze in a quick 15-minute home
workout, or while you’re washing baby bottles, burping your child, or just watching them play, try
squatting or lunging for leg strength. If you’re a remote worker, use your lunch breaks to take a low
intensity walk around your neighbourhood or use this as an opportunity to go to your local gym.
The best thing you can do for yourself is to find flexible exercises that keep your body actively
moving. Test out some different forms of exercise—jumping rope, strength workouts, a quick cardio
session, and find the one that you find easiest to implement in your day.

Start your day early

It can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of late mornings and late nights when you have a busy schedule,
leaving you feel tired throughout the day.
But actively choosing to wake up early gives you time to engage in many types of exercise, such as
low impact yoga or stretches. Low-impact workouts are a great form of exercise that keeps your
body moving, without you feeling worn out and exhausted in the way a high-intensity workout, like a
run, can make you feel.
Another great option is checking if your office has a local gym close by or a gym in the office building
that you can join. This way, you can incorporate exercise at the start of your day or even at the end.
With these three ways, you can start looking at your busy schedule and seeing where you can find
the time to exercise and get yourself moving!