Dan’s is a startup, founded in 2018 and with the intention of opening its doors in October of 2019 in London, in the Marylebone district.

Daniel Bermeo, its founder,  after more than a decade of living in London, saw an opportunity in bringing a concept that could help people make friends, in a lively environment, and by belonging to a community.  The current options of the traditional pub, the weekend night club, had gaps in making people truly connect, with wellness and in a joyful setting.

What if there could be a place that becomes a hub for physical wellness, for lively social interactions, for a community of positive, dynamic individuals, with an active lifestyle?  What if dancing became the central activity that brought this community together and what if this place focused on Latin music and brought forward the rhythm and spirit of this culture known for its sociability, its passion, its colorfulness, and liveliness.
This is what Dan’s wants to be.

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