How to Write Good Titles & Descriptions For a Business Directory?

Many personal trainers and gym owners struggle with creating clear and short messages to their potential clients including titles and descriptions before submitting their free business listing to the Next Door Fitness directory.

Writing a concise catchy title along with a description in free online business listing sites is one of the most important aspects of promoting your fitness service online. Doing it well gives you your first opportunity to connect to potential clients by catching their attention.

Unfortunately, most fitness professionals and business owners are in a hurry to submit listings to lots of gym directories and don’t spend enough time to write proper titles and descriptions. It’s easy to understand why it might seem difficult. Promoting ourselves online is not something that comes naturally to everyone.

In 2020 there were 69K fitness instructors in the UK – the highest number recorded during the last 10 years. So, If you’re among them, you need to find ways of standing out from the crowd.

Here you can find a guide on “How to write good titles and descriptions for a free business directory Next Door Fitness” to help organise your thoughts and build a message which will attract more clients.

1. Titles – Unique and Should Not Be Redundant

Your free business listing title should attract potential clients, look appealing and illustrate instantly what your service is all about.

It’s better to keep it short. Just include 2-3 key points, such as your or business name, service you offer and the location where you operate.

Keep the tips below in mind while writing the title for your listing in our free business directory Next Door Fitness:

– Should be easily recognisable, meaningful and appealing.

– Do not use articles or punctuation symbols in the title.

– Don’t write the whole title in CAPS, just capitalise each word.

– Don’t write short acronyms in the title – clients aren’t always experts! You should expand them to reach a wider audience.


Titles - Unique and Should Not Be Redundant

Good Examples:

“Harry Potter Personal Trainer in Berkshire”

“Perfect Gym Personal Training Only for Women in London”

“Robin Hood Nutritionist and Personal Trainer in Nottinghamshire”

“Lost in the Forest Bootcamp Fitness Camp and Weight Loss Retreats Chippenham


Bad examples 

“Manchester Personal Trainer & Nutritionist” (there could be many similar listings)

“Sam Personal Trainer” (don’t pretend your parents named you “Personal Trainer.” Your prospects don’t have to do a forensic Google search to discover your full name)

“Pilates” (it’s like searching a needle in a haystack…)

2. Listing Description – Keep it Short.

You might wonder how to describe yourself in just a few short sentences? Just try to keep it simple and avoid too many overwhelming details.

By the time people who read your profile scroll to the bottom, they should know:

Listing Description in free business directory

3. Focus On Your Clients and Their Needs

Frequently, less polished descriptions for personal trainer directories start with the story of their background. It’s understandable you want to tell more about your experience, but when writing the introduction to your description, you want to keep it focused on your clients and their needs so that you can connect with them straight away.

Think from your clients perspective and ask yourself what fitness goals they want to achieve and what kind of fears and obstacles they might have.

Try to use more inspirational words in a personal trainer bio or your fitness business description in the gym directory.


“Our team has helped hundreds of people like you achieve their fitness goals… “  

“I specialise in helping people with health conditions to create a unique program to keep healthy and fit using proven techniques and personal experience…..

“My passion is to help people break the vicious diet circle and lose weight for good without feeling miserable….” 

“As a personal trainer, my goal is to have the most positive impact I can in the lives of people I work with….”

4. Consider Writing in the Third Person

It’s up to you how you want to introduce your service, but keep in mind that writing in the third person can make the text sound more professional. Personal trainers and coaches who represent themselves through their listing may want to stay in first person to build a connection with the reader, but you want to consider how your voice in the description sets the tone. Remember, the link of your profile will be shared across all Social Media of Next Door Fitness, so it may be more appropriate if your personal trainer bio or business description is written in the third person.

5. Sell Yourself

Now that you’ve piqued the interest of your potential clients, it’s time to mention your strengths by highlighting your skills and approach which make you different. List any credentials that show that you are qualified to provide the service. You can also share your story if it would help to make your description appeal on an emotional level. For example, if you previously struggled with a personal challenge, this may help your potential clients feel more connected and empowered to start their own journey with your assistance.

6. Contact Details

After you submit the listing and register on the Next Door Fitness free business directory go to your Dashboard and add all your contact details. You should also post the links to any relevant media you’ve either created or been featured in.

Contact Details

7. Upload Images and Logo.

If you are a personal trainer and you don’t have a logo, you can upload your professional picture instead. Remembering to upload visual media will improve your credibility with directory users.

 But maybe it’s time to think of your own brand? You can create a logo in just a few minutes by using free tools online.

8. Ask Your Loyal Clients to Write a Testimonial in Free Business Directory

Simple fact, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as friends, so there is no need to explain why it’s important.

Asking for a testimonial should be done after they’ve completed an important milestone and the best way to ask for reviews is in person. You can also send a personal email thanking them for their loyalty and asking for the review in the gym directory.


“Hey John, I’ve really enjoyed our training sessions and appreciate that you trusted me to help you with achieving your goals. Do you mind if I ask you to share your experience by writing a short testimonial?

Here is the link (insert a link to your published listing). 

Thanks in advance!

Don’t forget to share positive comments around all social media. Once people see that you appreciate sincere feedback, they’ll be willing to leave a positive comment of their own.